A Dog’s Day Out Rehab Grooming Success Story; Meet Monster

As dog owners who love our pups we only want to give them the best possible experiences. When we enlist professionals – such as vets, trainers, daycare/boarding facilities, and groomers – to help us care for our dogs, it’s important to do your research and homework. Read reviews, get referrals, ask for tours.

It’s also important to do your own “gut check.” Ask yourself these questions: Does the environment feel professional, positive, and safe to you? Does the provider present as competent, transparent, and genuinely caring toward their canine clients? Since you are the expert on your own dog: Does your dog seem happy?

When it comes to grooming, if your pup has a good experience, they will likely be happy coming back. But did you know that if your dog has a negative experience, they can actually become traumatized?

If your dog has had a bad grooming encounter, rehab grooming can be a GIANT help. Rehab grooming is for dogs that have had negative experiences with grooming in the past and tend to act out in fear of that experience happening again. Dog’s Day Out Lead Groomer and Manager, Andy, is a seasoned rehab grooming provider. He says, “Dogs can have long memories and strong reactions as a result of having endured poor brushing/combing, a nail cut too short, matting or a groomer getting frustrated with them.” Andy adds, “For rehab grooming clients, we move slowly, using a variety of positive reinforcements, to make every grooming trip as comfortable as can be. If we make purposeful modifications long enough, and the rehabbing dog comes back to see the same groomer on a regular basis, trust will build. The dog’s stress and trauma will fade, and everyone will be much happier in the long run.”

Below you can “meet Monster” and his owner, Addie, who answers questions and shares about their rehab grooming journey.

Tell us about Monster in your own words.

Monster is seven-years-old and weighs all of 13 pounds. I rescued Monster through Secondhand Hounds in 2016 and he’s been the one constant in my life ever since. (My previous dog was a Hound/Great Dane mix. I had recently thrown my back out, so I knew I wanted a smaller dog.)

According to the DNA test, Monster is 50% Yorkie, 25% Shih Tzu, and 25% Pekingese. We call him “Velcro Dog.” He loves to be around us at all times and follows us throughout the house. Monster doesn’t always get along with dogs, but he loves cats and enjoys cuddling with his cat siblings, Creature and Banks . Monster is a BIG fan of Nylabones and treats. He’s basically always been the sweetest boy.…unless you’re trying to groom him.

What was Monster’s grooming history prior to coming to Dog’s Day Out?

Sadly, Monster has been “politely” asked not to return to more than one groomer in town. A lot of times we would get a call 30 minutes after dropping him off saying that we had to come back to pick him up and they couldn’t finish the job. There were a LOT of half-shaves, partial grooms, and crazy looking haircuts. We received reports of Monster excessively barking, screaming, biting, and flailing. He’s never loved getting haircuts, but his disdain for the groomer grew with each unsuccessful experience UNTIL we found Dog’s Day Out.

Can you explain how Dog’s Day Out worked with Monster to make his grooming experience more positive?

Groomer Andy was kind enough to honor our request to [let us] stay onsite during our first Dog’s Day Out appointment. We loved watching how the team sweet-talked Monster – and gave him plenty of treats. There was a ton of petting and lots of reassuring words. Now, Monster even lets us touch his feet and face. He NEVER let us do that before rehab grooming!

Has your satisfaction as a dog owner improved since bringing Monster to Dog’s Day Out?

Yes, totally! We are relieved and very appreciative to have found a spot where we can trust that Monster is being well taken care of. We all feel warmly welcomed when we drop him off. We know Monster is in good hands and WAY less stressed!

Is there anything else you want to share?

We were referred to Dog’s Day Out by another local groomer and boy do we feel lucky! Monster has never felt better during his grooms—or looked better after his haircuts. Thanks Dog’s Day Out!

At Dog’s Day Out, we meet dogs where they are at. We are experienced at working with all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs, as well as with dogs who were previously traumatized by grooming.

Every dog is different. Reach out to our Dog’s Day Out team if you want to discuss your pup’s unique grooming needs. In addition to full-service bathing and grooming by appointment, DIYers love that our self-service tubs and dryers are available without a reservation from 10 am – 6 pm Thursday through Sunday.

Everyone’s happy after a full groom at Dog’s Day Out!