Since 2004, we’ve been caring for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs at our sister business, Downtown Dogs. All our employees are trained and experienced. You can feel confident that we love and “get” dogs (and their owners) — and know what they need!

Dog’s Day Out takes our history of passion for client attention in the daycare and boarding space and brings it to a dedicated dog bathing and grooming salon.

Whether your Great Dane needs a DIY dog wash or your Pekinese needs a doggy spa day, we have the professional staff and snazzy facility to make it happen. Plus, we’ll keep the mess and stress of bathing a dog out of your home!

Why choose Dog’s Day Out?

Our carefully trained and experienced Staff!

Every member of our amazing team is an unconditional dog fan and loves working alongside pooches of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Our Dog’s Day Out staff are warm, helpful, and committed to accommodating to all of you and your dog’s grooming and bathing needs!

Our Dog-Centric Philosophy:

Everything at Dog’s Day Out is designed with dogs in mind. From our deep tubs to promote a feeling of security during bathing, to our special doggy boosters to support small dogs. We’ve thought of it all. Our ramps help bigger dogs in and out of the tub, and our Happy Hoodies protect their ears during blow drying. We even have giant-sized fire hydrant wall murals!

Children Welcome:

Make DIY dog washing a family activity with kid-sized aprons and stools for young bathing assistants!

Back-Saving Strategy:

Self-service bathers love our eight ergonomically-designed tubs, all made out of easily sanitized, state-of-the-art material. Our tubs are the perfect height for you to bathe your pup without straining your back!


DIY dog wash without a reservation! Hadn’t planned for your pup to romp through the mud? Didn’t realize it was going to rain during your walk? No problem! Stop by anytime during our business hours for self-service dog baths. Or, opt for our full-service bathing and/or grooming with curbside “fetch and retrieve” option. No need to leave your car during these extraordinary times, just give us a ring and we’ll do the work.

Grooming Your Way:

Anything your dog needs in the self-care department, we’ll make happen. À la carte nail trim, anal gland expression, toothbrushing or “the works!” Our amazing Groomer Andy can do any ‘do! Standard breed cuts? Yep! Special length for your Goldendoodle? Of course! Shih Tzu loves their hair cut a certain way? You bet! Just let us know how they like it and feel free to bring reference photos if you’d like!

Social Distancing

Our spacious facilities, equipped with high ceilings and large, open floor plan, allows for plenty of air circulation and space between tubs. All equipment is sanitized between use and our staff is on hand to assist with anything you need for COVID-safe dog washing. Also check out our “fetch and retrieve” option for curbside drop off and pick up for full-service bathing and grooming services!

Convenient Location:

We’re located right on the edge of downtown Minneapolis, near International Market Square, the Farmers Market and the Minneapolis Impound Lot. We have plenty of free parking and are perfectly situated near I-94 and 394 for convenient access for all Twin Cities dog owners.

Rave Reviews:

Check out our online reviews to hear what customers have to say about their Dog’s Day Out experience!

The Zen Den:

Because we are all about helping your dog feel comfortable while they get pampered, we offer a private dog washing and drying room for dogs that might be shy or prefer a little more privacy.

Because bathing your dogs doesn’t need to be a dirty job!