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A Dog’s Day Out Rehab Grooming Success Story; Meet Monster

As dog owners who love our pups we only want to give them the best possible experiences. When we enlist professionals – such as vets, trainers, daycare/boarding facilities, and groomers – to help us care for our dogs, it’s important to do your research and homework. Read reviews, get referrals, ask for tours. It’s also […]

Written by on February 27, 2023

Helen Says: Help Your Dog Keep Their Chompers Clean and Healthy!

Everyone knows that February is the month to celebrate past presidents and love, but did you know it’s also National Pet Dental Health Month. Your dog’s healthy teeth (all 42 of them, which is 10 more than humans have!) are more than just a winning smile. Dental health is a crucial component of overall canine […]

Written by on February 20, 2023

An “I Just Knew It” Story

Join Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out in Supporting Spot’s Last Stop this Holiday Season “I just knew it”, says Lindsey Heiserman. “That face staring back at me from the computer screen was my next dog. She had deep, inquisitive eyes and ears that stood straight up like antennas. Her name was Toula and she […]

Written by on October 10, 2022

Groomer Andy’s Rescue Pup: Far From A “Flash” In the Pan

This is the story of Flash, a scrappy, little (10 lb.) dog who was boarding at Downtown Dogs for about six months because his owner’s living situation didn’t allow for dogs. The owner tried and tried but finally told us that he couldn’t make things work and that he needed to surrender Flash. That’s when […]

Written by on August 17, 2022

Frannie Says “Time for Tick Talk”

Ticks are not just a nuisance. They can transmit dangerous diseases to dogs and their humans. Even when there’s medication on board to help control these pests, you should inspect your dog regularly for ticks. Early detection and removal decreases risk of disease. Minnesota is home to over twelve species of ticks, including three that […]

Written by on July 25, 2022

Meet The Dog That Talks

Many who have succumbed to participating in Gen Z dominated media throughout the pandemic have come across the  TikTok videos from Bunny the Sheepadoodle and her human Alexis (@whataboutbunny on TikTok and Instagram). What’s so special about Bunny is that she speaks English. By using a series of circular buttons that produce different words, Bunny […]

Written by on February 3, 2022

Fall Tips to Keep Pups Safe

Our dogs’ needs change with each season. Fall has arrived and our pup experts are here with a few tips and tools to ease the transition into the pending colder months. If your dog is like a lot of Minnesotans, she loves fall. A perfect break from the heat without having to go out quite […]

Written by on October 5, 2021

Helen Says, “It’s National Pet Hydration Awareness Month!”

Minnesota pups drink, swim, and play around water all summer long. As July comes to an end, these friendly safety tips can help keep hydration and water-related issues at the forefront of our minds for the rest of the sunny season. Keeping pups hydrated is hugely important during summertime, as dogs can develop heatstroke, kidney […]

Written by on July 30, 2021

Frannie Says: Spring is here!

Lots of dogs will celebrate the season by shedding their thick, soft winter undercoat for a breezier summer fur. And many dog-loving humans will start noticing extra piles of fluff getting in the way of their spring cleaning. Shedding is part of a dog’s natural rhythm, allowing them to adjust to changing seasons and temperatures. […]

Written by on May 7, 2021