Meet Our Sister Business: Downtown Dogs

The doggy daycare and boarding experience loved by pups and their peeps for over 16 years!

Downtown Dogs is located right next door to Dog’s Day Out. As the Twin Cities’ largest and most established dog daycare and boarding business, we can confidently say, “We know dogs!”


More than a Play Date:

Your dog needs exercise and socialization. You need to know your dog will be loved and cared for while you can’t be with them. Just like at Dog’s Day Out,every member of the Downtown Dogs staff is a serious dog lover, and are committed to providing a safe and fun environment where every dog gets the stimulation they need and the attention they deserve. You can even watch all the fun on our puppy cams!

More than a Sleepover:

Your dog loves being by your side but can’t always travel with you. For them, being at Downtown Dogs is the next best thing! Downtown Dogs specializes in creating a home away from home for your fluffiest family member. They’ll spend the day exploring our giant play space, with plenty of playtime with all their new doggy friends and lots of attention from our incredible staff! Then, they’ll cozy up in their own comfy space for a perfect night’s sleep in their new happy place.

What if my dog needs a bath or groom during their time at Downtown Dogs?

Easy-peasy! Work with Downtown Dogs staff in advance of your dog’s daycare or boarding visit to coordinate a full-service bath or a Thursday-Sunday grooming appointment.

What if I’m hesitant to leave my car during these extraordinary times?

“Fetch and Retrieve” to the rescue! Like with full-service bathing and grooming appointments at Dog’s Day Out, Downtown Dogs offers curbside service upon request. Just give us a call at 612.374.3647 when you arrive and we’ll come get your dog(s) or bring them to you!