Full-Service Bath

Drop them off stinky. Pick them up fresh and clean. Simple as that!

Dog’s Day Out full-service baths are a spa day for you and your dog. They enjoy plenty of good scrubs, sudsy paws, and detangled fur, while you’ll enjoy having the best smelling dog in Minneapolis without the stress and mess of at-home-bathing.

All Dog’s Day Out full-service baths include:

  • Gentle shampoo* and detangling conditioner — each applied twice for extra clean, fresh, and fluffy fur.
  • Blow drying with our special drying equipment made just for dogs.
  • Full ear cleaning to safely remove all that gunk from hard to reach places.
  • Full brushing to get rid of tangles or mats.
  • Nail trimming (with Dremel).
  • Anal gland expression (upon request, as needed).
  • Dog cologne (upon request).
  • Complimentary bow or necktie.

*Specialty shampoos available at no additional charge

A la Carte Services
Nail Trims (with Dremel)$18
Anal Gland Expression$20
Full-Service Baths/ GroomingFor appointments and details contact us at 612.255.3425 or info@dogsdaympls.com

Curbside “Fetch and Retrieve” service is available by request for full-service bathing and grooming. Please contact us at 612.255.3425 to make a full-service bath or grooming appointment. When you arrive, just give us a call and we’ll come get your dirty dog and bring them to you afterwards—squeaky clean!