Helen Says: Barkitecture is the Pawsome New Trend in Home Design!


Imagine a world where every wag of the tail inspires architectural marvels and every bark sets the design tone. Well, folks, that world is here, and it’s called “Barkitecture.” This trend takes dog-friendly home design to a whole new level and ensures that homes meet each family’s unique needs, look super cool, and “treat” furry family members like VIPs (Very Important Pooches)!

When it comes to Barkitecture, it’s all about blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Here are some key design elements that have pampered pup’s tails wagging with joy:

Doggy Dream Spaces: From cozy nooks and built-in sleeping pods to dedicated play areas, Barkitecture  embraces the idea of creating dog-friendly zones within the home. Who says dogs can’t have their own luxurious lounges?

Fetching Furniture: Barkitecture encourages furniture choices that accommodate human and dog needs too. From stylish dog beds that blend seamlessly with your decor, to multi-functional pieces that double as toy storage, the options are seemingly endless. Performance fabrics, once reserved for commercial and outdoor settings, are becoming more popular for interiors. These textiles are easily cleanable, stain resistant, and durable, to withstand life with a pup. 

Pawsome Patios: Create a dog-friendly oasis by incorporating a designated play area, a doggy pool for those hot summer days, and shaded spots for relaxation. Add some floating dog toys and you’ll have a tail-wagging wonderland!

If you are a fan of Barkitecture, you’ll love all the funky and functional design features at Dog’s Day Out! We’ve created a space with a bright, modern vibe and where all the de-TAILS match our dog-centric philosophy. In addition to giant wall murals depicting scenes from a dog’s perspective, we’ve got two private “Groom Rooms,” three state-of-art dryer stations, and the “Zen Den,” a private bathing and drying room for shyer dogs. You and your pup will surely appreciate  our seven ergonomic DIY bathtubs that are deep enough to make dogs feel secure, but not so deep that you’ll strain your back. Stop in without an appointment for DIY bathing, or schedule a full service bath or groom. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Downtown Dogs owner Ralph Bernstein, and his wife, Abbe applied Barkitecture principles to their home for one of their three dogs. Meet Helen. She’s a 12-year-old, rescue Hound mix who was born without ocular nerves. Since she’s blind, she can be reactive near other dogs (including her brother Lyle, and sister Frannie). She needs a private living space so all the pups stay safe. The Bernsteins built out a guest bedroom on the lower level of their home to make a perfect oasis for Helen. Her room features a doggy door leading to a private fenced-in potty area, non-slip and serviceable flooring, and 24/7 Classical Music.

Bernstein says,

“Helen’s room is the perfect size for her to navigate easily and feel secure without getting lost. She knows where her food, water, bed, and doggy door are located. We rest easy knowing she can move around freely without furniture or other obstacles that she could bump into.”