Is “Wash—Rinse—Repeat” Really Necessary for Dogs?


Lyle Asks: Is “Wash—Rinse—Repeat” Really Necessary for Dogs?

Yes — at Dog’s Day Out we always bathe dogs twice! And we encourage owners, whether they are bathing their dog in our DIY tubs or at home, to do the same. 

A dog’s coat is typically much dirtier than the hair on a human head, making a double wash particularly necessary. Why? Firstly, specialty shampoos or conditioners do their best work only after most of the dirt has to be removed from the coat. Secondly, a dog must be 100% clean for scissors and clippers to cut properly. In short, a clean coat equals a better haircut! 

Dog’s Day Out Lead Groomer and Manager Andy says, “Sometimes we’ll use a deep cleaning shampoo for the first shampoo then use an itch relief or other medicated shampoos for the second wash. If a dog needs hypoallergenic shampoo, we’ll use that for both washes, so we don’t irritate the dog’s skin.”

Andy adds, “We are so passionate about the benefits of bathing dogs twice every time, that we offer all our specialty shampoos at no additional charge — even to our self-service customers! Our team is happy to consult with parents about what formulas might work best for their particular pup’s needs.”

If your dog is in need of a spring cleaning with our standard sudzy shampoo/conditioner combo — or if they can benefit from specialty hypo-allergenic, calming lavender, itch relief, dandruff, degreasing or deshedding shampoo — call or stop into Dog’s Day Out. We are open Thurs. – Sun. from 10am – 6pm. Appointments are available now for full service bathing. No appointments needed for DIY baths! 

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