Meet our new groomer, Jess!

Welcome to Dog’s Day Out’s newest groomer, Jess! Growing up in a family of show dog enthusiasts, Jess has been a member of the pet care industry her entire life. She is a graduate of Rio Grooming School, and a former professional show dog handler. She’s proficient in breed standard trims, and hand stripping wire coat breeds is her particular specialty. Jess has a “compassion first” philosophy and enjoys working with special needs dogs.

Jess is also certified in canine CPR and first aid, both skills that have been essential and lifesaving in her line of work. Part of caring for each dog’s individual needs as a groomer is being able to understand and identify health concerns and inform pup parents so they can seek proper care. Please be sure to always update your groomer on any and all past pet health issues and any special needs your pup may have, even if they are minor, so they can be best attended to.

Outside of work, Jess is the mother of two children and three dogs. Her standard poodle, Scout, has helped her develop a passion for creative grooming, and they hope to compete together at a professional level in the future. Jess also enjoys volunteering in her community, hiking, and caring for her houseplants.