Self-Service Bath

As experts in the art of keeping dogs clean, we know bathing your dog can be a dirty business—especially at home. So leave the mess to us! We’ll set you up with everything you need and stand by to offer assistance and advice.

How it works:

No more wet dog smell or shaking dry all over the house. We provide the space and supplies, you provide the dirty paws. Our self-service dog wash is perfect after a muddy day at the park. Scrub up your pup in our bathing facilities equipped for all sizes and breeds. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to transform a dirty dog into smelling fresh, clean, and blow-dried to perfection. No appointment needed!

All Dog’s Day Out self-service baths include:

  • Gentle shampoo* and detangling conditioner.
  • Combs, brushes, and everything you need for tangled fur.
  • Ear wipes for easy cleaning.
  • Fresh towels! And lots of ‘em.
  • Professional dog blow dryers (Happy Hoodies available for use).
  • Dog cologne for your pampered pup.

*Specialty shampoos available at no additional charge

Our spacious, state-of-the-art dog wash stations are designed with non-slip textured bottoms and collar tethers to keep your dog safe, at a height that reduces pup parent back strain and keeps you comfortable. Our generously sized tubs can accommodate all breeds. We have a dog bath booster insert on hand to safely elevate smaller dogs, and a ramp available to help big dogs up and down. All equipment (e.g., tubs, brushes, combs) is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every use.

Prefer a little privacy for your pup? No problem!

Dog’s Day Out offers a private Zen Den bathing and drying room for dogs who need a little extra separation from their canine pals or may be shy about the dog spa experience.

Add toothbrushing, nail clipping, and/or anal gland expression to your self-service dog bath!

At Dog’s Day Out, we understand the importance of overall health, and part of pampering your pup is keeping them feeling their best. Dental, nail, and anal gland health is an essential part of caring for your dog, and routine brushing, clipping, and expression can help them stay happy and healthy! We know these services can be tricky to perform at home so Dog’s Day Out is happy to offer them À la carte!

Self-service bath pricing (based on weight)
Small dogs (up to 20 pounds)$18
Medium dogs (21-50 pounds)$23
Large dogs (51-100 pounds)$28
X-Large dogs (over 100 pounds)$33
A la Carte Services*
Nail Trims (with Dremel)$18
Anal Gland Expression$20
Full-Service Baths/GroomingFor appointments and details contact us at 612.255.3425 or

* These services are performed by Dog`s Day Out staff members. All prices are before tax.