Thank YOU Dog’s Day Out Customers! 


Meet Vinny & Cannoli

Vinny is a 13-year-old Yorkie and Cannoli is a 9-year-old Pomeranian. Their owners, Emily and Joe, feel lucky that they all have each other — and Dog’s Day Out. 

Q: How long have you been a Dog’s Day Out customer?

A: Fall of 2020

Q: How did each of your pups enter your life? 

A: Vinny came from a hoarding case with 200+ dogs here in MN when he was only six to eight months old (he’s now 13- years-old!). The day he arrived at the animal rescue, I hung out with the mass of dogs. When I reached out to him, what he did next melted my heart:  he rested his little chin in my hand and just let out the biggest sigh I’ve ever heard. I knew he was the one I was meant to take home that day to foster. Little did I know how much he would change my life. 

Even though he chose to sleep next to me every single night since day one, I spent weeks working with him to even consider being comfortable with things like letting me kneel down to pet him, trying to pick him up or standing outside in the grass for two minutes. Fast forward a couple years of constant love and stability, Vinny was a completely different dog who would approach strangers. To this day, he still has his quirks, but he’s my heart, my shadow, my sidekick, and my, well, everything. 

Cannoli is a Chicago native! She was said to be a stray when she was brought to animal control. She was then put into a foster home with a lovely gentleman that called her Farah Faucet because of her luscious locks. She came to Minnesota through a local rescue and placed with Joe and me to foster. A few months later, we knew we couldn’t let her go!

Q: How would you describe your dogs’ personalities? 

A: Both Vinny and Cannoli are quirky, it’s why we love them! Vinny isn’t afraid to tell you what he wants and is quite demanding. This could be meal time, water from a cup only, or simply just excited you’re home. Vinny is a mama’s boy through and through.

Cannoli loves to be doted on but is a real diva! She is 110% a daddy’s girl and really despises most females.

Q: How did you initially discover Dog’s Day Out and what was your initial experience like? 

A: Andy was the very first person who groomed Vinny in 2012. The amount of time and care Andy took with Vinny, going slow and providing breaks to ensure a good experience, really won me over. Andy has ever since been our groomer. I see Andy and the Dog’s Day Out team employ the same gentle, strategic techniques and tricks that worked with Vinny to help other dogs at Dog’s Day Out.  

Q: What things do you like best about coming to Dog’s Day Out? 

A: I love the experience every time! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Andy is always amazing, and I will also give a huge shoutout to Tyler. He is always so welcoming and accommodating to our needs. When scheduling, he always remembers Vinny and Cannoli’s grooming timeline, and their quirks. 

Q: What do you think Vinny and Cannoli like best about Dog’s Day Out? 

A: Andy is one of their favorite people. Of course, being Cannoli prefers men, she is always very excited to see Andy! Vinny has always been a bit nervous about grooming, but I know he appreciates Andy for his gentle touch and the rest of the staff for understanding him. 

Q: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to share with other Dog’s Day Out customers? 

A: Dog’s Day Out has been my favorite place to bring our kids since the first time Andy groomed Vinny. The facility is always clean, the staff is so welcoming, and I love getting a heads up when our dogs may be done (versus when they are done). Here’s another bonus: From my talks with Andy, the salon owner, Ralph, is an extremely caring person towards animals and even loves to help support various rescues! 

Q: What has being a pup parent taught you about life? 

A: Patience is key! As you read above about how Vinny came to me in a hard state. He taught me so much about being a dog mom and how the challenges really paid off.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

A: Andy is a truly amazing person. I’m so glad for him that he found Dog’s Day Out and I’m happy for Dog’s Day Out that they found Andy. The entire team that Andy leads makes it a pleasure to visit your facility. Their high level of customer service and care go a long way these days. Thank you for the opportunity to brag about my dogs and Dog’s Day Out! 

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