Unique Valentine (or Anytime) Gift for Pet Lovers 🐕💙🖼️️💚🐩

Order by Feb 1 for pick up at Dog’s Day Out on February 11

Want a custom caricature of—or with—your pet? Interested in helping pets in need? Committed to supporting local businesses? If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, you have to check out our new partner’s story and work!







Meet Erik Roadfeldt, co-owner and lead artist at Twin Cities Caricatures.

Erik has been drawing caricatures professionally for 23 years. In 2018, the Plymouth-based businessman created “Caricatures for a Cause” as an off-shoot of his Twin Cities Caricatures. Now you can order caricatures of your furry family member through Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out—and lend a paw to Change Unleashed! initiative.

Erik originally learned how to draw live caricatures from his grandmother. In 2015 he joined the International Society of Caricatures Artists (ISCA, yes that’s a thing! caricature.org) and attended his first yearly conference. Erik says, “My. Mind. Was. Blown. I learned SO MUCH from the talented ISCA members. They inspired me to start my own booking agency (Twin Cities Caricatures) in 2016.”

In 2018 Erik’s wife, Kelsey, quit her full time job to help run the business. Their team of artists are busy—drawing at public and private events throughout the Metro as well as Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.

Caricatures for a Cause launched the same year Kelsey came on board. Erik explains, “We were getting a lot of requests to donate artist time at fundraising events, but they conflicted with our other [paid] gigs. Then it dawned on me, if I’m willing to pay a 20% commission to the organizers of festivals, craft fairs, and other events, why not donate 25% to an organization that needs the funds and help some animals at the same time? I realized internet orders could be the key! I could use my time between drawing appearances to fulfill fundraising orders. Kelsey helped streamline the online processes and Caricatures for a Cause was born!”

Since starting Caricatures for a Cause Erik and Kelsey have raised more than $15,000 for pet rescues and other non-profits!

Erik has won ISCA awards for his black & white technique, color technique, and group compositions. He was on the organization’s board of directors for a few years and Kelsey is currently on the board.

Erik says,“Caricatures are my life. I LOVE celebrating the things that make us unique and special through drawing. Pets are so expressive and fun to dipict, I think I might like drawing them more than humans! And it helps that dogs don’t usually care if I accidentally draw their nose too big.”

Ordering your Caricatures for a Cause creation is super easy. Erik’s online ordering gives pet parents the choices of multiple styles and delivery options (including pick up at Dog’s Day Out) for these three offerings:

  • Full color “Caricature Portraits” (traditional caricature style with markers and pastels) are $30/person or pet.
  • The “Ruff Sketch” (get it?) option is just $10/person or pet. Erik describes these as rough, quick, and bad but good for a laugh!” He adds, “I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I actually like these drawings more than the ones I spend a LOT more time on.” All caricatures are already meant to be funny, but these Ruff Sketches are meant to be REALLY silly, and almost stupid.”
  • Erik’s Coloring Book includes cute caricature drawings of 20 popular dog breeds and an index with a little information about each one. The books are $10 (or $20 if you add a custom drawing of your dog).

Ralph Bernstein, owner of Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out, shares why he loves working with Erik. “We love being able to share Erik’s talents with our customers! It’s great to work with another local, independent business owner who shares our love of animals and prioritizes giving back to organizations and his community.”

Erik says, “I’m thrilled to have an ongoing presence at Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out, and to help them raise funds for their Change Unleashed! partners. I spent four hours drawing at the salon in December. It was great to meet so many happy customers.”

To order, go to https://www.twincitiescaricatures.com/downtowndogs and fill out the order form by choosing your options and uploading photos. Erik personally does all of our Caricatures for a Cause drawings. He says, “I can draw your dog (or other pets), with or without you or your family members. I can draw your kids or other family members, your car, your house or your friends. I can also draw your kid’s cars, your family member’s houses, or your friend’s pets. Haha—you get it. I love to get creative!”