Winter Dog Grooming

Yes, you still need to have your dog groomed in the winter.

Minnesota winter brings all sorts of fun activities for dogs. Getting to run around a frozen lake, wrestle with friends in the snow, or go for a winter walk is an extra special treat for cooped up pups. But the season of snow and cold also brings some unique skin, coat, and paw challenges for our K9 companions.

Many well-meaning dog parents skip professional grooming and bathing appointments in the winter, assuming a longer coat will keep their dogs warmer. Routine grooming in winter months is just as, if not more important, than keeping up with grooming during the summer.

Professional bathing and grooming can remedy (or prevent!) painful matting and tangling which often results from snowy encounters. A good groom can also decrease shedding, address dry skin issues, and even provide early warning of any lumps, bumps or sensitive spots hidden beneath fur. Finally, groomers carefully inspect nails and paws, which can become extra irritated during the winter months.

In between routine grooming there’s plenty you can do to help your dog navigate the cold.

Carefully wipe down snowy beards, fur, and paws with a towel after walks and outdoor play. If snow is extra sticky, tangled in fur or wedged between paw pads, try a quick warm water soak for a pain-free way to melt away any icy chunks.

Try to keep your dog away from salted surfaces, which can cause paw and skin irritation. Be sure to remove any salt stuck to paws or clinging to fur, and always use a pet-friendly salt or sand on your own steps, sidewalks, driveway, etc.

Frequent movement between inside and outside temps can lead to cracked pads – just like human hands and feet can become cracked by winter cold. Be on the lookout for signs your dog is experiencing sensitivities. They will often let you know by limping, wincing or licking. Paw wax can help dogs especially prone to cracked and sensitive pads. Try doggy booties or opt for more frequent indoor play at doggy daycare.

If your dog runs chilly, they may benefit from a doggy jacket or sweater—but their natural coat will always benefit from maintaining a year-round  grooming routine.

Remember: snow is not always as clean as it looks and can be filled with all sorts of environmental pollutants. While your dog may try to tell you otherwise, playing with friends in the snow and coming home all wet does not count as a second bath.  Regular baths, especially after extra fun days in the snow, can help keep these toxins from harming your dog.

Dog’s Day Out is open for professional, full serve baths and grooming and DIY dog washes Thursday – Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Our new, impeccably clean, 2,500 square foot salon is set up perfectly for social distancing. You and your pup will feel comfortable in our open floor plan with high ceilings and plenty of air circulation.

Please call 612.255.3425 to make a full serve bath or grooming appointment. When booking, let us know if you prefer not to leave your car and we’ll arrange for curbside “fetch and retrieve” service. No reservations are needed for DIY baths.